Plantation Shutters


Known for their elegant appearance and superior craftsmanship, plantation shutters are the gold standard of high-end window decor. They are highly valued shutters which completely change the look of your windows and in the long run are a wise investment when it comes to the decor in your home.

A+ Shutters and Shades in Coconut Creek, FL provides plantation shutters in both wood and faux wood. They are available multiple colors which include white and natural-wood tones spanning light to dark. These shutters make an excellent addition to any home due to their refined look and high quality construction. More importantly, plantation shutters have a timeless design which can also add value to your home should you choose to sell it tomorrow or years from now. Plantation shutters can complement nearly any room, in any home.

While real wood shutters offer the hard to replicate beauty of natural wood, faux plantation shutters come very close to replicating a natural wood look and are more affordable and durable. If you’re looking to improve the light and insulation of your home, come to A+ Shutters and Shades and let us show you beautiful shutters that will not disappoint.